The Rings

When a wife was considered a possession, a wedding ring was a sign that the woman had been purchased by the groom.

Even though this is no longer relevant in the modern world rings are still very important to the bride and increasingly to the groom, around 70% now favour a ring of their own.

Exchanging rings during your wedding ceremony now signifies your love for each other in a very visible way.

  • There are many different designs of wedding ring to choose from but the plain gold band is still very popular. 18-carat is harder wearing than 9-carat and 24-carat gold.
  • The use of different coloured gold including yellow, rose and white now gives the bride more choice. Increasing popular is platinum, it is the most expensive material and very hard wearing compared to gold.
  • For an extra special touch you can have the inside of your rings engraved with your names or a message of eternal love.
  • It is traditionally the job of the best man to hold onto the rings and then present them at the correct moment during the ceremony but you could consider having a page boy who could present them on a silk cushion for that extra special touch.
  • If this is not your first marriage and you are unable to use a church for the exchanging of your vows then you could consider having your rings blessed in a church.

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