Welcome to Wedding Quest

Welcome to Wedding Quest, a website full of essential information for the modern bride in her quest for the perfect wedding day. You will find detailed wedding planning advice in simple straight forward language about all the important things to consider, from wedding rings to honeymoons, to ensure your big day is a very successful and memorable occasion for you and your guests. Visit Zoara to find the most exquisite Wedding Jewellery and Engagement Rings.

The Modern Bride


The modern bride is very different now compared to previous generations. They are much more independently minded and know exactly what they want and have the skills to make sure they get exactly that.

They are far less influenced by their families, partly because they may not live at home and partly because

et!the happy couple will be paying for their wedding or at least contributing to the wedding budg

The average age of brides today has increased greatly so they have more life experience. They have strong ideas about their own style which they will use when planning their perfect wedding day.

If some or all of these descriptions of the modern bride apply to you then the wedding planning advice we have extensively researched from wedding professionals will also apply to you.

Wedding Directory

Wedding Quest not only has help and advice but we are also building a comprehensive Wedding Directory full of wedding suppliers from all over the UK who can supply you with everything you need from engagement rings to wedding favours and much more!

We are very serious about creating a useful directory of regional and nationwide services who can offer our brides the assistance they need in their quest for the perfect wedding which should be available soon.

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