Your wedding day flowers can have a great impact on the overall look and feel to the day. Don’t rush into choosing your flowers, take your time. They should compliment your dress, your personality and the style of your wedding.

To get an idea of what you want, look in wedding magazines and on the internet. Cut out photographs and create a colour board incorporating a picture of your dress and any colour details you want to use, this will give your florist a better understanding of your requirements.

  • There are plenty of florists to choose from so don’t just select the nearest to your home. Shop around and get to know the florists to see if you think you can work together. Does their work look creative? Do you think they will share your vision for your wedding?
  • Recommendations from friends or your venue organiser are also a good indication of a quality florist but always ask to see their portfolio. Not only can you see what they are capable of but you may see something that catches your eye.
  • Wedding flowers are not just your bouquet, make sure you discuss other flowers like the buttonholes, bridesmaids flowers, venue decorations, church flowers and headdress or flowers for your hair.
  • To make the groom stand out you could have a bigger more elaborate buttonhole made just for him.
  • On a hot day put your flowers in the fridge to stop them wilting.
  • Carry your bouquet low, this will make you look taller and slimer.
  • Be cautious about having flowers in your bouquet that have dark coloured pollen as they could stain your dress.
  • Flowers that are out of season are more expensive so you could ask the florist to use flowers that are in season to save on cost.
  • Don’t just select your flowers on looks, consider their smell as well. It is not a good idea to carry a bouquet around all day that you don’t like the smell of.
  • You could have smaller versions of your bridal bouquet made for your bridesmaids.
  • Take advice from your florist, they will have done flowers for hundreds of weddings and they will know what will look best for you.
  • Silk or artificial flowers are becoming more and more popular for weddings due to the superior quality offered. Gone are the days of plastic dewdrop roses in garish colours to be replaced by flowers so botanically correct in every detail it is hard to tell the difference. Available in a vast array of colours and always in season you can have virtually any flower in any colour at anytime of year and unlike fresh flowers they are always in season.

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